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A team of DU researchers was just awarded a National Science Foundation grant to pilot a new education model.More
Squeezed, a first person picker about migrant farm workers, lets you be a fruit picking frog. The game was developed by students from computer science, digital media studies, art, and international studies. Squeezed is supported by MTVu and the University of Denver.More

Squeezed team wins “Best Future Game Talent” award at the Future Play 2006 conference. More
The University offers two degrees in Game Development:

  • Bachelor of Science in Animation and Game Development
  • Bachelor of Art in Animation and Game Development

Both degrees require a computer science foundation commensurate with national computer science degrees but with electives focused on graphics and game programming. The Bachelor of Science requires a minor in mathematics and a second minor in art or digital media. The Bachelor or Art requires a double major in one of Studio Art, Electronic Media Arts Design, or Digital Media Studies.

The goals of the degree program are to provide a basis for a career in the game or computer science industry, provide a solid basis for graduate study, and to encourage “whole brain thinking’, i.e. the combination of both technical and creative thinking.
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